This Most Requested Item in Homeless Shelters Will Surprise You.


I’ll never forget a time when I went with a group of Shine followers down to a women’s shelter in Phoenix. We organized clothes for hours, for these women who had been in domestic abuse situations for a very long time. We learned that when they finally escape to a shelter, many times with their young children, they’ve been so emotionally broken that they are unable to make their own decisions. The shelter sets up a donation clothing room like a store, where women are able to come and select outfits for themselves. It seems like such a small, every day thing, but for many of them it’s the first choice that they’ve been allowed to make on their own and is a really big deal.

I try to donate clothing to women’s shelters often when I clean out my closets. I recently learned that the most requested items the women need are feminine hygiene products. I didn’t realize how common it was for them to not have any, and it broke my heart to hear that such a simple product is needed by so many women. I think that we often feel like we need to do something huge in order to help another person, but that is very far from the truth. Doing the little things is what helps others in a really big way, and we have the opportunity to simply give just by purchasing double of products we already buy for ourselves.

In partnership with, the U by Kotex is doing a Power to the Period drive to collect donations for feminine hygiene products to local homeless shelters. The next time you are out purchasing some, it is so simple to by one extra box and go donate it to a local women’s shelter. You will contribute to women’s needs around the country and help provide them with dignity and cleanliness that they so desperately want and need.

To get involved you can also start your own Power to the Period donation drive, or donate to a drive in your area through September 30th. Go get started and learn more about the project here.


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