The Perfect Paris 3 Day Itinerary

We were so excited to travel to Europe for our first time. We needed a trip of refilling ourselves, rediscovering what it means to live and feel excitement, and a trip that would allow us to come together to have the strength to do what life leads us to next. Europe helped jumpstart our healing.

Since it was our first time, I spent WEEKS planning and researching what to do, where to go, and hoped that it worked out that way I pictured it to. We’ve loved our time in Europe, and want to share our travel guides with you from each city. 

I have to admit that Paris was the city I was least excited about visiting out of our trip. It wasn’t that I WASNT excited to see it, it just wasn’t on the top of my list. The second we got there, I was completely enamored. It’s amazing. I already want to plan my trip back. The city is pure magic.

Paris  Travel Itinerary: 3 full Days

Day 1: We flew in from NYC and went straight to our room. The place we rented was magical, and had the PERFECT location. I would definitely recommend it and stay there again. We paid for it (just want you to know this is not a sponsored recommendation!) The room is great for two people. If there are more of you, then it won’t be big enough. Here is the listing… tell them I sent you! 🙂 

When we recouped from our red eye flight, we went out to the main street that was just steps away from where we were staying, and I felt like I was in a dream. We were in the St. Germain neighborhood, which has a lot of shops, cafes, places to eat, and has a quaint, Parisian feel. We made a bad food choice, so I would recommend going to East Mama for lunch or dinner right when you get there. Its close walking distance to the apartment. 

After eating, go see the Bastille (again, walking distance) and then make your way to the most beautiful garden grounds I’ve ever seen. Jardin des Plantes was absolutely breathtaking. Again, we walked there. The walking was so enjoyable, and allowed us to take everything all in. We loved Jardin des Plantes so much that we actually went back on our last day too. Keep in mind we did this trip in April, so it was spring and everything was in bloom!

After that we walked to another garden. We wanted to try to help jet lag, so we stayed outside all day, just walking around and taking everything all in.

On our way back to the apartment, we stopped and got a crepe from a street vendor. Don’t miss out on the nutella/banana crepes! I’ll dream about them seriously forever…

Day 2: Jet lag is real, my friends! We woke up at 1 PM! We took an Uber to Notre Dame. It was incredibly beautiful. We walked around the area for a while, and then made our way to the Louvre, but first stopped for lunch. We ate at a pasta place called Mezzo Di Pasta. It was the best pasta we had in Paris, and cheap. We got it to go and walked to the Louvre while eating. (Gotta work off the pasta somehow! haha!) The Louvre is an incredible museum that houses the Mona Lisa. I would definitely recommend spending time here. You could honestly spend an entire day inside of it, and still not see everything! If you’re there at a busy time, enter into the museum through the entrance by the carousel. 

After checking out the Mona Lisa, we walked through the Luxemberg Garden and towards the carousel. We walked along the La Seine River to the Grand Palace and admired it from afar. We then hitched a little street car bike that peddled us to the Eiffel Tower. OH my goodness, I can not say enough about the Eiffel Tower, you guys. It was astonishing. Walk around the grounds for a bit. Being up close to the tower is surreal, its If so iconic and being there is just an incredibly experience. Enjoy time there. Then, if you want amazing pictures of it, you will head up the street to Place Du Trocadero. The tower is far away enough, and the steps are high enough that the photos and view are amazing. You can see the city, and there were carousels that you could ride. We hung out here for a while, watching performers and listening to music.

After Eiffel, we took an Uber to the Sacré-Coeur Basilica. Do this at sunset. The view of the city is unbelievable. 

If you face the front of the Basilica, walk up the street on your left, and then turn left. This was one of my favorite places in all of Paris and is called Montmartre. Its an area with cobblestone streets, tons of outside vendors, gelato and crepe stands, and outside restaurants. The vibe and energy was so fun. We ate, and then got crepes (of course). We walked around and listened to street musicians. It was one of my favorite nights. We walked halfway home and then took another Uber back to our apartment. I didn’t want to figure out trains in Paris, so Ubers were our saving grace. (again, not being paid for any of these recommendations!)

Day 3: We walked through the main street buy our apartment and went shoe shopping for just a half hour. They have the cutest shoe stores. Normally I never shop on vacation, but it was so fun. Then we walked to the new lock bridge. They took the original one down because the weight of the locks were too heavy, but theres a new area. Vendors sell locks there, so you can grab one. It’s called Pont Neuf. We put a lock of our family on the bridge, and it was a really special moment.

We hired an electric car that then took us to the Arch De Triumph. It was amazing, we really loved it. You can go to the top and look out at the city, which we didn’t do. After the Arch, we walked down the iconic Champs-Elysées. Its a street full of shopping, and also lots of tourists. It was a fun experience, but I was glad we didn’t stay in that area because its very crowded. We walked halfway to our next destination, and then got an Uber, and went and ate falafel at Chez-Marianne. I loved it, Mike thought it was okay. The area it is in is DARLING. We sat and ate, and then just walked around. Take the street Rue Des Francs Bourgeois and go right. The shops are so cute, and you’ll run into Place Des Vosges which is beautiful and is one of the oldest residential living areas in Paris. All the rich people used to live there back in the day! We walked around a little bit more, stopped into some bakeries, and went back to Jardin des Plantes one last time. 

Day 4: We got on an early morning flight and headed to Basel, Switzerland! Switzerland travel itinerary coming up next!

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  1. Hi I didn’t see the link of where you stayed! Thanks and now I want to plan a trip. So glad you were energised from your travels.

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