If You Are A Parent: You Need To Read This.

Shiloh took pictures of me at the park after school today.
“Mom, what would you do if I drop your new camera?”
“Shiloh, don’t even ask me those questions. That’s not an option.”
Today our schedule looked a lot like most days do.
Mike gets up and takes the kids to school (Bless him. He knows I can’t wake up early.)
We work at our offices until about 5:30.
I pick up kids from school or my mom’s house depending on the day.
We come home and do homework, eat, get ready for bed.
Sometimes it seems so routine and mundane I feel like the small things I do like laundry and tucking in at night and making dinner are just a drop in the bucket that just have to be done but don’t affect anything. Sometimes actions as a parent seem unnoticed. I didn’t realize all that went into being a mom until I became one… and even now, I don’t ever fully know what I’m doing.
I know that you guys aren’t fully aware of the affects you have in  your homes, because I hear you.
I read your emails, literally every comment you make on my social media accounts, and I know that you have hard days. I know that you get tired, and frustrated, and feel like your days have gone to crap sometimes and that no one notices the valiant efforts you have made.
I have news for you.
And it comes from my kid. The very people we are trying to live our lives for.
Here’s the news:
Right on my table this morning, I saw this.
The things that Zoe chose to write about her dad were these things,
“He helps us get to school on time.”
“He taught me to play soccer.”
“When I read to him, he is impressed.”
“My dad is extra special because he tucks me in at night.”
YOU GUYS! My dad us extra special because he TUCKS ME IN AT NIGHT.
Not because of all the wordly things, not because of all the big magnificent things we spend our time trying to become… but he’s special because he tucks me in at night.
All of the things that we never think matter, or are a checklist of just to-do’s…
are the things that are most important.
You’re daily routines are noticed. They are needed by your sweet kids who’s lives have been entrusted with you. And with everything you could be doing in the world, what impacts them most are the little moments you choose to spend with them, teach them, and let them know that they are most important.
Our lives are beautiful. And simple. You make an impact.
So when you are driving to school early tomorrow morning, and picking out smashed gold fish from your car seats, and tackling kids to get into baths and cooking another burnt meal,
You are creating a beautiful life for your children, and they feel it.
And you are extra special.

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