Hair DIY: Half-Up Side French Braid

 1. Grab a 3 inch section of hair on your hair line, on the side that you part your hair on.
2. Divide it into three sections, and braid those together one time.
3. Combine the first and last section together to create one strand.
4. Pick up a new section of hair on your hairline, and use that strand as your new braiding piece. (Just like you’re french braiding.)
5.  Repeat steps two and three, and combine your first and last braid strand together.
6. Pick up a new piece of hair and repeat the process again.
7. Continue the process all the way down your hair line. Make sure you pull the strands close to your ear really tight so your braid wont become too loose at the end.
8. When you’ve reached your ear, secure the braid with a clear rubber band, or a hair tie that matches your hair color!
Bracelets- Threads
As always, I’d love to see your finish hair! Tag me @theshineproject on Instagram for your chance to be featured!
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