10 Quirky Thinking Habits of an Entrepreneur.

Dress (currently on sale!) I was with a group of girls a few weeks ago, and one of them started asking me questions about myself, and then she said, “I just love learning about the way entrepreneurs like you think. It’s just so fascinating to me.” And then I remembered…. My brain being on high octane all of the time isn’t “normal.” It’s not that one type of thinking is better or worse than .


Shirt, Jeans, Heels (on sale!) Skirt (on sale only $25!), Purse, Shoes (similar)  Floral Pants, (similar) here, here and here. (all on sale) Saturday night I was so excited to go to an outdoor movie in the park in downtown Phoenix. A huge screen was set up, and we got cozy with about 1,000 other Phoenix people and cuddled up in the park to watch The Princess Bride. First of all, I haven’t seen that movie .

Your Personal Online Stylist.

I was so excited to partner with Le Tote, and wait for my box to arrive. I am a huge online shopper because I just don’t have a lot of time during normal hours to go shopping. I had never tried a company like Le Tote before, and loved it. You fill out your size profile on their site, and then select clothing to go in your closet that represent your style. Based off of .

The Missing Piece: You

I’m feeling nostalgic going back and looking through old photos during my experience building The Shine Project. Today I want to talk to you about something different. Not about the amazing students we employ, or why I started this company, or new product… Today I want to get a little more personal and tell you about how I grew The Shine Project, and where we are going now. If you want more background on .

Buy an Umbrella.

Dress (and its on sale!) In about 3 weeks, Arizona will hit 100 degree weather. And then it will feel like we’re living in the fiery pits of hell for 4 months. People always ask me how we deal with Arizona summers. It’s simple; we know it’s coming, so we prepare. AC, backyard with a pool, summer camps for the kids, vacations during the hottest months, staycations, special window screens, a towel for your car .

Affordable Spring Dresses

I get asked a lot where I get my dresses from… And my best kept “secret” are ASOS sales… I seriously live for them. I took some time to put some of my favorite links to dresses together for you. They range from $25-$120 so there’s something in everyone’s price range. Enjoy! We put some outfits together, as well as single links to different dresses that are on sale at the end of the .

The Miracle in Not Having The Miracle Come

Skirt, Shirt (similar), Purse, Sandals (similar) Something happens the older you get. You start experiencing different kinds of heart break that you never experienced before. The heartbreak is bigger than the things that used to weigh you down, and life situations come that make you ask yourself, “How did I ever end up here? How is it possible that I’m in this situation?” Death of a loved one. Painful disease. Loss of a child. .

How Instagrams New Changes Can Help You

Instagram recently announced a new algorithm that will change the way we experience the app. If you haven’t yet heard about it, you can read the statement directly from them here. I’ve read a lot about this change, as I have spent the past several years building an online platform for my business. With 120k Instagram followers, a lot of our business comes from that single social network, so it is understandable why other .