10 Tips and Tricks to Having the Ultimate Disneyland Experience

Dream all the dreams shirt: Here One of my favorite places on Earth is Disneyland. I went from not going for 10 years, to having a yearly pass this past year and going very frequently. I’ve definitely learned a thing or two to make for a great park experience, and wanted to share them with you. 10 Tips and Tricks to having the Ultimate Disneyland Experience 1- Purchase your Disney clothing before you go .

6 Ways to Let Go of Things that Make You Sad.

Tunic/Dress– White, or Yellow, Jeans (similar, or these ), Sandals (similar) Sometimes I look at the phrases in my analytics that people type into google that lead them to find my blog. Today there was a question that left me picturing the person out in the universe who was on their end of the computer, feeling the weight and the pain of life and needing an answer because they ran out of places to look, and .

My Husband Is Cooler Than Me.

Dress, Shoes I’m in Nashville until tomorrow morning, and have had a lot of meetings while I’ve been here with people I met for the first time. Several people have asked me what my husband does, what he’s like, and how we met. My answer every time, “My husband is just cooler than me.” And I think that’s the secret to life. Marry someone who makes you want to be better.

A Mother’s First Thoughts About her Child.

I’m so excited to introduce you to some mothers this week with who you really inspire me. Motherhood comes in so many different forms, all of which are beautiful and powerful and fulfill a great purpose in life. The efforts you put into raising the important little people in your life are worth talking about and celebrating. This week, I’ll be sharing different stories about what Motherhood looks like for different people. Tonight, I want .

10 Quirky Thinking Habits of an Entrepreneur.

Dress (currently on sale!) I was with a group of girls a few weeks ago, and one of them started asking me questions about myself, and then she said, “I just love learning about the way entrepreneurs like you think. It’s just so fascinating to me.” And then I remembered…. My brain being on high octane all of the time isn’t “normal.” It’s not that one type of thinking is better or worse than .


Shirt, Jeans, Heels (on sale!) Skirt (on sale only $25!), Purse, Shoes (similar)  Floral Pants, (similar) here, here and here. (all on sale) Saturday night I was so excited to go to an outdoor movie in the park in downtown Phoenix. A huge screen was set up, and we got cozy with about 1,000 other Phoenix people and cuddled up in the park to watch The Princess Bride. First of all, I haven’t seen that movie .

Your Personal Online Stylist.

I was so excited to partner with Le Tote, and wait for my box to arrive. I am a huge online shopper because I just don’t have a lot of time during normal hours to go shopping. I had never tried a company like Le Tote before, and loved it. You fill out your size profile on their site, and then select clothing to go in your closet that represent your style. Based off of .

The Missing Piece: You

I’m feeling nostalgic going back and looking through old photos during my experience building The Shine Project. Today I want to talk to you about something different. Not about the amazing students we employ, or why I started this company, or new product… Today I want to get a little more personal and tell you about how I grew The Shine Project, and where we are going now. If you want more background on .