Our Saturday.

((love is when you use your arm as a tissue for your kid…. hahahaha)) ((Since Mike is the tallest we’d challenge him to see how high of oranges he could pick)) This was the first weekend in months where our Saturday wasn’t scheduled with soccer games, or that I was in town and we .

Spring Ready.

I am so excited for spring! I can not believe that it’s already March. March in Arizona means that we’re currently experiencing weather that most people get during their summers. Its my favorite time of the year and I’m ready to transition to my spring wear. There’s a fun new app that that can .

Lace For A Cause.

 Trench Coat, Lace Dress We are so excited to be teaming up with 3Claps this week to raise money for scholarships for our student employees. 3Claps specializing in hard to find indie labels for your kids that are so cute and fun. This week, they are donating 10% of sales from the dress and .

Authentic Love.

I got an email from my grandma that said, “Ashley! You need to write another blog post. I’ve read your current one so many times that I have it memorized.” Hi grandma, thanks for lighting my blogging fire again.  I’m putting more of a focus on blogging again this year, so hopefully writing gaps .

This Is My Year.

photos by Tell The Birds Shirt- The Shine Project use code “myyear” for 10% off through the weekend!!!   I’m sitting in my yoga pants on the rainiest day Phoenix has had all season. For some reason, almost every year it’s warm except for on New Year’s Eve and everyone gets stressed out because .