Authentic Love.

I got an email from my grandma that said, “Ashley! You need to write another blog post. I’ve read your current one so many times that I have it memorized.” Hi grandma, thanks for lighting my blogging fire again.  I’m putting more of a focus on blogging again this year, so hopefully writing gaps won’t be so long after this.
Tonight Zoe looked at me and said, “Mom, if you weren’t my mom and I was older, and I was a boy, I would definitely marry you.”
The other day I got home after an incredibly long day. Honestly, weird thing after weird thing kept happening and when I finally got home I felt like I just exited a tornado.
The tornado of life, it just whirls so dang fast sometimes I’m not sure how to keep up. Sometimes I try to fight against it, and other times I just let it swoop me up until it decides to float me back out.
Anyways, I got home and my sweet Zoe could tell after one look at me that I was struggling. Maybe my disheveled hair and mix matched sweats gave it away, I’m not sure. But that girl just ran over to me and flung her arms around my waist and beamed at me with those big ‘ol eyes and said
“I love you mommy!”
And for the first time all day I smiled so big my cheeks could have exploded.
And that is authentic love, my friends.
I’m lucky to have it.

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