5 Ways to Walk Confidently Throughout Your Day

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Moving to Nashville has been such a new, exciting, refreshing and crazy change in our lives. Being here has helped us keep moving towards our dreams. I launched an online course for women entrepreneurs a month ago, and working with all of the amazing women who enrolled has reminded me how hard we can be on ourselves sometimes. I’ve heard so many times, that the women’s biggest fear is failing because they doubt themselves being able to do it. They feel like all of the other women can, but how could they possibly be successful reaching their goal? How could they possibly make something successful? And yet, despite the fear, they’re still showing up. They’re still pressing forward through it and not letting it stop them.

And that’s what I love about women. I love when we can show up and walk through our fear. Finding success and happiness doesn’t come because someone has an absence of fear, it comes because they feel it all and choose to continue anyways. That’s what I’ve felt up here in Nashville. Before we moved here we didn’t know how we were going to make it through this year. But we need we had to, and we had to make decisions that would help us keep moving forward. When you walk this way, with courage, and faith, and determination, amazing things happen.

Here are 5 Ways To Walk Confidently Every Day, In Spite of the Chaos of Life!

1- Do something you’re passionate about, every day. Sometimes we’re so busy taking care of everyone else that we don’t take time to fill ourselves up with what creates joy and excitement in our lives. Even if it’s 10 minutes: do something you’re passionate about.

2- Serve someone else. This makes my list every day, all day. It can be so simple, but something magical happens when we open our eyes to other people around us, and give of our time, or resources, or attention to them. When we love and serve other people, we stand a little taller knowing that our time was well spent.

3- Surround yourself with people who lift you up, not drag you down. I’ve learned how important it is to stay close to the people who are your cheerleaders, who bring positivity into your life, and who want nothing from you other than just YOU. You deserve a supportive community, don’t settle for less.

4- Compliment yourself at least 3 times a day. Did you accomplish something hard? Did you manage to wash your hair ( come on, we all know what an accomplishment this is! 😉 )? Were you kind to someone who wasn’t the easiest to be kind to? Acknowledge yourself for the good things that you do, it helps us not get so hard on ourselves!

5- Wear clothing that makes you feel good about yourself. Get up, get dressed, and wear pieces of clothing that make you feel like YOU. You’re a powerhouse, and deserve to feel like one.

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