4 Ways to Improve Your Relationship in 2015

At midnight you ran over to your honey, smooched him good, and rang in the new year.
Some of you smooched him better than the others, while the rest gave an obligatory kiss.
When you’re in a relationship for a while, sometimes things to get in the same  routine, and unknowingly we put less effort into our relationship that matters the most.
Here are 4 Ways to Improve Your Relationship in 2015:
1- Go to bed at the same time: Just this morning, Mike rolled over in bed and said, “You know what my favorite thing is? Going to bed at the same time together.” For us, going to bed at the same time has led to better nightly prayer together, late night conversations, and the unity of ending your day with each other. This is something we were counciled to do before we tied the knot, and is something that we have tried hard to see through.
2- Have nightly activities you do together: Our kids go to bed at seven. Which means that unless we want a babysitter every night, we are house bound for the rest of the night. Sometimes I get stir crazy because I can never sit still. Instead of turning on the tv, surfing pinterest or checking Instagram for hours, do something meaningful together. My husband bought a bunch of two person games we play together. You guys, it’s actually embarrassing how many hours a week we play Scrabble. But it is so fun, and has become our thing. Put wagers on the games you play, it makes them more interesting 🙂
I also bought myself a book for Christmas and gave it to Mike to give to me. Ha. Its called You, me, us. You fill it out every night together and its really fun and cute. Having something to do together when the kids are in bed creates important bonding time that helps you remember just how fun your spouse or significant other is.
3- Go on dates: Get ready. Put on your little black dress. Go to a nice restaurant, or make a picnic, and get out of the house and DATE EACH OTHER. Just like you did in the beginning stages of your relationship, the wooing needs to continue.
4- Text each other cute messages through out the day- This is sappy, it’s fine. The other week Mike sent me the sweetest message while I was at work and I literally caught myself grinning from ear to ear. Let your love know why you love them. What did they do that day that you appreciate? Tell them. Remind them why they are so dang awesome.
Love is a great thing. Sometimes we forget and it feels like a chore.
Keep it fresh and alive by not allowing it to become something mundane.

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