3 Tips to Stay Sane as a Business Owner (or Mom!)

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1- Give yourself time to unwind

It’s so important that before you go to bed, you turn off your mind and give yourself time to blow of steam and energy. Working out at night is something that has really helped me just decompress and allow myself to calm down. Reading, adult coloring books, playing family games, nightly walks or other slower paced activities are all great ideas to help unwind after a long day. Don’t stimulate your mind with your phone before you go to bed either. I try to keep mine out of arms reach so that I don’t get worry about missing a phone call, text, or email, and just shut my brain down on work things for the night.

2- Focus on what you’re doing in that moment

When you’re at work, work. When you’re at home with your family, be at home with your family. This mentality has honestly changed and helped my life in more way than I can even explain. Life is a juggle of a million different things to stress over. We give ourselves more stress and more anxiety when we worry about whats next while we’re doing something else. Don’t allow the heaviness of what you have going on to follow you around everywhere. Leave matters where they need to be so that you’re not running around through life with a constant weight on your shoulders.

3- Create a night and morning routine

Part of my daily routine consists of caring for my skin. I have great facial products that help me feel refreshed, and one of those is called Silk’n Revit. Silk’n Revit is an at home microdermabrasion tool that combines gentle exfoliation with vacuum stimulation. It helps reduce the appearance of age spots, fine lines and acne scars. I love products that help make my skin feel smoother, and that is one of its purposes. After I wash my face, I turn my device to the level I desire it to be and target the area I want to focus on for about 5 minutes. You can do this 3-4 days a week, and it’s a great step to add into your daily skin routine.

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Going to the grocery store with wet hair, or running kids to soccer and dance practice, or going to another networking event are not the things I’m talking about. Make plans with friends. Go to dinners and walks. Foster relationships with your family and friends. I think we tell ourselves we’re too busy or too tired, and so we miss out on really important face to face interactions that help fill us back up after we’ve poured everything out.

Are there any tips that you have that you do daily?

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